UK Implementation Network

News Flash: February 2017

The Global Implementation Conference 2017 (GIC2017) is now open for registration: click here for details. UK-IN hopes to see you there!

The latest edition of UK-IN’s member bulletin: Implementation Knowledge and News February 2017, is now available on the Resources page - with news of implementation-relevant activities and events around the UK and internationally, plus job opportunities within the field and calls for papers.

Welcome to the website of the UK Implementation Network (UK-IN). The Network is an independent non-profit membership organisation connecting those working in implementation science, practice and policy for services for people across the UK.

Help Us Close The Implementation Gap

Simply defined, implementation is the process of putting an idea (for example a policy, a service, a plan for a specific improvement or innovation) into practice. Implementation science is a rapidly developing field that is building theory and collecting empirical evidence about the best ways to design and deliver effective services to people. Implementation-informed policy and practice draws on implementation science, and adds real-world experience and practical know-how into the mix.

Across the world, scientists, policy makers, funders and practitioners recognise that there is an implementation gap between what we know about effective services, and how we deliver them in practice. Even the best-designed services and programmes will fail if they are implemented poorly. In social care, education and in health as well as in other areas of services for people, the fields of implementation, improvement and innovation science and practice are rapidly developing, aiming to pool knowledge and know-how in order to bridge this gap more quickly.

The UK Implementation Network (UK-IN) was founded in 2013 by a group of professionals working in human services policy, practice and research in the UK. We are developing structures for collaborating together and sharing learning to address the implementation gap. We welcome those who are new to the field of implementation or who want to find out more, as well as more experienced colleagues.